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Martin and Su returned to the Baka family many times, each time adding a guitar to the Baka’s collection. Several young Baka men have now become very proficient guitar players. Meanwhile multi-tracking recording technology was becoming smaller and more portable and by 2004 Martin began multitracking the Baka songs live in a specially cleared space under a giant tree. The result, “Gati Bongo”, was released in 2006.

The songs and guitar playing of the Baka could now be shared with the rest of the world and the band, “Orchéstre Baka Gbiné”, was born. The lucky people who have discovered Gati Bongo on iTunes have been touched by the pure enlightening spirit of the music and kept it in the iTunes World charts for over ten years.

In February 2012 Martin Cradick again set up a recording studio deep in the forest and recorded 9 more songs.  Mixed and mastered back in Britain, the new album, “Kopolo” was digitally released in autumn 2012 and the CD at the beginning of March 2013.

Music and dance from the African rainforest